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Garden Wedding — Flower Décor Ideas

Garden weddings are in fashion right now and why not! Tying the knot under the open sky is one of the most romantic ways of saying your vows. With green foliage all around you and fresh flowers making the air redolent; it’s just the romantic setting you want for a perfect wedding.

Guests too enjoy the outdoors with lots of open space all around. There is enough space for people to dance, sit and gossip, kids to play around and everybody can have a really nice time.

There are many hotels that offer garden spaces for open air weddings. You can even say your vows amidst a plush winery, private garden, a public park or even your own backyard. Whatever be the place, it should be well decorated with lots of foliage and flowers to create that perfect outdoor look.

Flowers play a crucial role in garden weddings. Since the surroundings are natural, you would not want any artificial decor to mar the settings. There are several florists you can contact who supply wedding flowers in Byron Bay.Some of the top-class boutiques even have specialists who can help you select the right flower and floral arrangement.

A Floral Arch

It’s your special day and you and your partner would like to make a grand entry. Having a floral arch overhead under which you walk makes for a stunning entrance for the bride and the groom.

A floral arch made of fresh, seasonal or exotic flowers with lots of ferns and foliage makes for a beautiful entrance to the wedding venue. If the walkway is long, an arch of multicoloured roses with foliage hanging can really make it look lush and vibrant.

The Canopy

The canopy is the focal point of outdoor weddings. It’s the place where the wedding ceremony is conducted with guests gathered all around. Ask your florist who will supply your wedding flowers in Byron Bay to create an open-air canopy and adorn its structure with fabric and matching flowers.

The Seating Arrangement

The seating arrangement can also be decorated with flowers and foliage to add to the plush and natural look.

Suppliers of wedding flowers in Byron Bay will hang baskets overflowing with fragrant flowers at the back of each chair to make them look vivacious and flamboyant. And when your guests take a rest from all that dancing; they can relax amidst the natural fragrance of all those lovely flowers.