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Flowers for Wedding Anniversary

Flowers are your best bet when you are unsure about what to gift a couple on their wedding anniversary. A bouquet of blooms brings a smile to every face and different flowers have long been associated with love and loyalty.

Although a bouquet of roses is the most common choice for most people, there are several other blooms that effectively convey your best wishes for the couple. In fact, each anniversary can be celebrated with a particular type of flower that reflects the couple’s love and fidelity as the walk through life together.

Consult a professional florist about the different flowers that signify each year in the couple’s life when you send flowers in Byron Bay as an anniversary gift.

Carnations for 1st Anniversary

Carnations are all time favourites that convey joy and commitment to each other. Red carnations symbolize admiration while the pristine white ones represent innocence and undying love for each other.

Select a bouquet of mixed carnations as a perfect first anniversary gift when you want to send flowers in Byron Bay for a couple celebrating their first year together.

Blooms for the 5th Anniversary

Spending five years together is a milestone to be celebrated and there are different flowers to convey your wishes to the couple. Lilies signify devotion and happiness while the sunflower represents warmth and vibrancy. A bouquet of sunflowers reflects the brightness of the sun and your wishes to the couple for a similarly bright future together.

Hydrangeas are also a good choice as they symbolize pride and gratefulness; something that the couple feel for each other after five years’ of marriage.

Daisies too make an excellent 5th anniversary gift for a couple who love simplicity and fresh; natural blooms. A bunch of daisies with a few stalks of lilies added to it can make the perfect 5th anniversary gift.

Blooms for the 10th Anniversary

Spending ten years together is an achievement to be proud of and reaffirms the couple’s undying love for each other. Make the occasion extra special by gifting the couple a bouquet of tulips. These graceful flowers with a velvety black centre truly represent passion that is still alive after all these years.

Order a bouquet of tulips along with lilacs and freesia when you send anniversary flowers in Byron Bay to your favourite couple on their 10th anniversary.

Freesias symbolize faithfulness and togetherness; something that the couple has achieved through both good and bad times. Lilacs are loved for their freshness and symbolize young love. It will remind the couple of their early love and the innocent emotions they shared.