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Flowers for Her  —  A Brief Guide

Buying flowers for a special lady in your life is a wonderful way of expressing your emotions. However, with so many blooms, colours and arrangements to select from, it can be tough buying the right bouquet.

Most ladies love receiving flowers anyway and appreciate your emotions that accompany them. But if you really want to impress her do contact a professional florist when you order flowers in Byron Bay.

Things to Consider before Buying that Bouquet

You walk into a florist’s shop and love a bouquet instantly. But is it the right one for the person you intend to gift? There are several things to consider before you order flowers in Byron Bay for the lady.

First and foremost consider the relation. Is it special bond you share or purely professional relation? If it’s a professional colleague or a just a friend, red roses or such personal flowers should be strictly no-no.

Go for blooms in neutral shades such as yellow; peach; pink or white. Orchids, yellow roses or irises make for a lovely bouquet when you want to thank a colleague or congratulate her on a special achievement.

Next, consider her personality and age. Your grandma or mother would probably like a bunch of fresh daisies, sunflowers or a bouquet of carnations. Your young sister might love receiving stalks of birds of paradise that instantly perks up any room. Your wife would probably love receiving tulips, Syrian mallows, red chrysanthemums or daffodils.

And as for your girlfriend, there are various blooms to select from depending on how close the relation is. If you are in a new relation, it’s always advisable to find out if she is allergic to pollens. Ask her in a casual way to smell some flowers as both of you take a walk together.

Also remember that red roses are the obvious choice for most people who don’t know anything better. If you want your bouquet to be unique, consider various bloom options before you order flowers in Byron Bay for that special lady.

Flowers for your Girlfriend

If you are in a new relation, consider gifting your girlfriend a bouquet of lilacs or purple roses that express instant love. Or you could keep it subtle and select some orange roses or exotic orchids that will make her feel special.

Give red roses a pass if you know her for long and have already gifted her similar bouquets on several occasions. Consider red tulips, asters or peonies instead; all of which express love and devotion.