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Flower Décor Ideas for Events

Whether it’s a joyous event, a sombre occasion or even a house-party; flowers should be an integral part of your events decoration.

However, selecting the right blooms and arranging the flowers the correct way can be a huge task. It involves a lot of hassles so it’s best to contact events flower suppliers in Byron Bay who are professionals in this field.

They have the right event planners and vendors who can give your events that special touch with the right kind of floral arrangements.

Flower Décor for Outdoor Events

Many people prefer the outdoors for hosting their events; whether it’s a wedding or a birthday party. The natural surroundings offer plenty of free space and it’s definitely an exhilarating experience to party under the open blue sky.

Create a Floral Arch Overhead

You can make the settings look really exclusive by adding a grand floral entrance for your guests. They will feel special as they walk towards the main venue under an archway decorated with fresh flowers and plenty of foliage. There are blooms in different shades for every occasion so selecting the right flowers should not be a problem.

Create a Floral Canopy

A canopy is often an integral part of outdoor event decoration. It’s the place where people gather for photographs or ceremonies or in case the weather plays spoilsport. Florists who supply events flower in Byron Bay know how to create the right open-air canopy and decorate it suitably with flowers and foliage.

If you have a theme colour, your florists can even arrange for the right shade of fabric and blooms to make the canopy look exceptionally beautiful.

Flower Décor for Indoor Events

Events held indoors can also have a natural look with plenty of flowers arranged aesthetically at different places. You can decorate a small space with little bunches of fresh flowers in vases or hang bouquets on the wall and from the ceiling if the space is quite large.

However, with indoor events do not go for flowers with strong fragrance as they can make the closed space feel heavy with their aroma. Small bunches of such fragrant flowers is all you need to make your guests feel relaxed.

The Seating Arrangement

Whether the event is held outdoor or indoors, you must have flowers at the tables and the back of chairs. Events flower suppliers in Byron Bay can hang flower bouquets at the back of chairs and place floral pieces along with candles on the table to create a grand seating arrangement.