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Best Flowers for Your Sister's Birthday

Wondering what to get for your sister’s birthday? No matter her age, she will always be your very own sibling, somebody to be pampered and appreciated on her birthday.

If you are clueless yet want your gift to really convey your deepest love and emotions, there’s nothing better than a gorgeous bouquet of the freshest flowers. As the best florist Byron Bay, we can help you choose the right blooms that are sure to bring a smile on your sister’s face.

Different flowers symbolize different emotions or a particular trait in a person. With a little guidance from your florist Byron Bay, you can pick just the right blooms for your sister.


Gerberas symbolize joy, cheerfulness and purity; traits that you associate with your sister. These are lovely looking flowers available in different colours such as white, yellow, red, orange or pink. This makes your task easier as you can select the blooms in your sister’s favourite colour while ordering your bouquet at our florist Byron Bay.

Or you can even mix and match different shades to create a delightful bouquet and add some accessories such as chocolates or a bottle of champagne.


Roses are an eternal favourite and a safe choice to fall back on when you are unsure about what blooms to select. However, do steer clear of red roses as these are best kept for your girlfriend or wife.

But if your sister loves long-stemmed red roses that look so classic and alluring; your florist Byron Bay will add a few sprigs of gypsies to tone down the intensity of passion. With their soft and dainty petals in white or light pink, gypsies create the perfect balance in a bouquet of bold red roses.

You can also opt for a bouquet of roses in mixed colours that are enough to brighten up any birthday girl’s special day. Just ask your florist Byron Bay, Byron in Bloom.


With their fresh; natural beauty, daisies represent innocence and purity and will remind your sister of the wild and wonderful days you all spent growing up together. A bouquet of traditional daisies indicates the intricate bond you share with your sister.

Daisies also represent fertility and motherhood; something you will definitely wish for your sister.