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Best Flowers for Your Mom's Birthday

To you, your mother will always be a special person in your life. No matter how old you become, you will forever be the love of her life. To you, she is the person who has contributed hugely to who you are today.

Celebrating your mother’s birthday is a wonderful way of showing all your appreciation, love and gratitude while making her day extra special.

However, when it comes to choosing the right gifts, things can become quite tricky especially if you have already gifted all her favourite things down the years. In such situations, it is best to send a bouquet of flowers in Byron Bay. Send flowers byron bay.

Flowers have always been considered a traditional and classic gift. They are just perfect for brightening up your mother’s birthday with their beauty, charm and elegance. No matter your mother’s age and her style, the right kind of flowers are sure to make her happy and feel special.

There are plenty of expert florists you can contact when you want to send flowers Byron Bay to your mother on her birthday. And the best thing is that your florist can help you pick the best blooms, advise you on adding the right accessories and will gift wrap the entire thing to create an extremely stylish gift. Let’s take a look at some wonderful options for your mom’s birthday.

Pink Oriental Lilies

Pink is a beautiful, tender colour and lilies are exotic blooms that can make any person feel extra special. This elegant bouquet symbolizes infinite gratitude and is a great choice when you send flowers Byron Bay.


Orchids represent beauty, strength and love; qualities that truly reflect your mother. Orchids are also long-lasting and easy on maintenance. Your mother can keep the blooms for days and they will remind her of all the fun and joy she had on her special day.


Carnations are another classic option with their timeless appeal. A bouquet of carnations in a particular colour or mixed shades is a perfect gift when you want to send flowers Byron Bay on your mother’s birthday. Carnations symbolize happiness, luck and pure love; which is what you will always wish for your mother. Chrysanthemums Another timeless bloom, chrysanthemums are bright, big and cheerful. They come in different shades and sizes and are perfect when you want to send flowers Byron Bay. Your florist can gift wrap it in beautiful wrappers to create a spectacular bouquet that is sure to leave your mother ecstatic with joy.